This is very serious!

This is very serious!

This is very serious! Kellogg’s is considered one of the largest cereal corporations in the world. In 2018, they removed added vitamins and minerals from some of their most popular cereals sold to Mexico. These cuts saved the company an estimated $85 million, however; the impact on the Mexican community was devastating. The estimated personal and governmental cost of health related issues due to the lack of these fortifications is $250 million.

This is just one of many examples of how large corporations exploit socioeconomic status to make a profit. When a company simply runs its business based on spreadsheets and not for the benefit of the community, dangerous and devastating things can happen. Please note that essential vitamins and minerals were not removed from cereal being sold in the US. It was only removed from cereal that was being sold to people who live in a developing country.

To Kellogg’s credit, they appear to be shifting with society’s demand of wanting healthier products. In 2017, Kellogg’s acquired RX bar, a product that I use to buy until I realized it was filled with peanuts and almonds (both testosterone lowering). It also didn’t sit well with me that RX bar was owned by Kellogg’s.

We just made an addition to the team to make certain that our manufacturing process is efficient AND that our product is made with our community in mind.

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