I bought my first pack of cigarettes

I bought my first pack of cigarettes

I bought my first pack of cigarettes 🙂

According to the Truth Initiative, Over the past 50 years tobacco companies have leveraged modern science to make their products more addictive thus resulting in more tobacco related deaths. Awful.

The same is true with big food companies intentionally making junk food more addictive. Many popular snack foods have been intentionally engineered to keep its end user addicted to the products so the big companies can bring in more money.

Naturally human beings crave energy rich foods that contain sugar and fat, think fruit which contains a relatively high amount of natural sugar but little fat or a ribeye steak which contains a high amount of animal fat but a little sugar. Food scientist create products that are far higher in fat and sugar than what occurs in nature. Then salt is poured in high amounts and the result is that the we can’t put the bag of chips down.

My personal opinion is a big food companies are operating with the main goal of making money. The goal should be to make our communities and people stronger. Their methods only make the people eating their food weak, especially those who buy their products that are not informed or educated on the importance of proper nutrition to live a strong, healthy life. They are just as bad as big tobacco companies should be held accountable. But we all have a personal choice of what we put in our bodies.

Sow Strong was created with the goal of making a not just for profit company that SOWS health into the lives of its customers.

The next 100 orders of Sow Bars will have a free bottle of the best tasting, healthiest water on the planet included!

Thank you for all of the support and I’m not smoking this pack.