Super Hero Snacks for Busy Super Hero Moms

"Fueling Families on the Go, One Tasty Bite at a Time" – Discover 3 Mom-favorite flavors where simplicity meets deliciousness.

In a world of labels, ours tell a story you can trust. Over 20 stores now home our secret: real ingredients, real flavor.

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Homemade delights, store-bought convenience – your family deserves nothing less.

Preservative-free, guilt-free, worry-free. Because your peace of mind matters.

Say goodbye to high fructose corn syrup, and hello to high five moments with your kids.

"Moms on a Mission" – Redefining snacks, one healthy, happy bite at a time.

Delicious Energy Bars for Moms 
No Crash. No Crumbs.

Tasty Energy Bars for Moms 

No Crash. No Crumbs.

Moms, fuel your day and surprise the kids with our energy boosting, appetite satisfying, gluten-free, protein-packed treats. Crafted with love, healthy carbs, and flavor the family will enjoy!

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No harmful seed oils & gluten-free! 

Trusted by Moms & their families across America

Moms and their families love the taste, nutrients, and no mess convenience of our variety of Mom on a Mission bars!

Your family shouldn't have to choose between flavor & nutrition.

We are on a mission to make the best tasting, most convenient, and nutritious food to fuel your family!

Protein rich

7 grams

Good fats

14 grams

Complex Carbs

37 grams

Macro rich

Stay satisfied 

Real Protein

Sustainable protein

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Best Sellers: Cocoa, Cherry, and Original

3 family favorite flavors.  No harmful seed oils, no soy, gluten-free, and no dyes. Free shipping on orders over $60!

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MOM Variety Bar Bundle

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MOM Original Oat Bar

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MOM Cocoa Salt Bar

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MOM Cherry Bar