Morning routine, or morning chaos?

Morning routine, or morning chaos?

“Put your head down!” “Stop Moving!” This is the battle cry of the morning as Chaquerra Allen Kershaw attempts to tame the hair of our daughters in the early AM. I have to admit I’m no help, I simply block out the shrieks of our screaming children and try to make breakfast to ease the pain of everyone involved 🤣.

Chaq does an impressive job with the hair of our four little ones. When I’m not there she’s expected to provide a nutritious meal and get the kids dressed by herself?! This is a tough task for any mom and I know that she’s not the only mom out there doing this everyday, all by herself.

Six months ago when we started formulating the Sow Bar we set a goal to make a bar would benefit moms too. There wasn’t a bar that I could find that moms could enjoy along side their children. Kind Bars, I think, have to many nuts for kids. RX bar taste like rubber. Cliff bar has to much sugar. It brings me joy to know the mothers will be eating Sow Bars with their children in the morning to ease the pain of a morning of doing hair!

This is footage from the weekend and a here is big batch of bars we made today! Thanks to our partners in Central Ohio and the new addition to the team who made the bars today! Also thanks to Borah Dawson who is a generous business leader!