Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop

It was the summer of 2020 and I was in a terrible mood. Work was stressing me out and I felt this need to check emails and text messages as a distraction from my never-ending list of responsibilities. My wife was at work and I was inside our house with the kids.  Even though I was physically present, I was mentally and emotionally somewhere else.

Then one of my kids had the nerve to ask me to help them use the bathroom 🤣

I rudely opened the bathroom door for her and sat her on the toilet and went back to my phone. Then she got off the toilet and with excitement pointed at the bowl and screamed with joy “Wow daddy, look!” In my head and on my phone, I half-heartedly told her good job, but she shouted, “No daddy look, it’s a rainbow!” I looked in the toilet and her little poop was indeed in the shape of an arch. Her beautiful, full of life mind literally saw a rainbow. This wonderful child’s perspective was so pure and positive that she literally found excitement from a piece of poop. My life was forever changed by my child’s perspective on rainbow poop.

Kids have a sparkle in their eye that most adults don’t because we allow that sparkle to die. When that sparkle dies in us, it’s not good for our kids. Sowing Strong Seeds through Strong thoughts, words and the food that we eat is a step in the right direction to regain that sparkle.

Let’s regain or maintain the sparkle in our eye by starting to eat whole grain, plant-based foods like the Sow Bar. Also, kids love Sow Bars 🙂

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