You Are An Idiot 

You Are An Idiot 

Those were my first thoughts as I was on my way to Garfield Heights, Ohio to pick up a new piece of equipment that would allow us to make 1200 bars in one hour. I also had feelings of guilt because my good friend Frank took off work to come with me. During our road trip, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of the time and money that I spent to achieve my goal of making the best-tasting, healthiest nutrition bar on the planet. I always dreamed that at 35 years old I would be retiring from an illustrious NFL career, riding off into the sunset, counting my money, but instead I was driving 2 hours to make granola bars for a living.

But then, my phone rang and it was John.

John Goss, who is a great friend, gave me some wisdom his grandfather shared with him a year ago. John’s grandfather came to the US from Germany right before World War II and he didn’t speak any English. He became a farmer that worked very hard to provide for his family. Before his passing, he not only was an extremely successful businessman, but a man who left a wonderful legacy for his family. Right before he died, John asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, what is the point of this life, what are we here to do.” He responded, “Make your mark.”

The next day I rolled out of bed, still contemplating life and my career decisions. When I took my kids to school, I noticed all of the parents who lovingly dropped off their children before heading to work. In that moment, I realized that these parents were trying their best to “Make their mark.” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I didn’t start Sow Strong and my quest to make the best-tasting, healthiest bar on the planet just to make another nutrition bar. I started this to provide the fuel for people to make their mark! 

The current grab and go bars of the past are not good and the Sow Bar is the best-tasting, healthiest bar on the planet to provide the fuel so that you can make your mark. This is much more than a protein bar!

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