Testosterone and strength.

Testosterone and strength.

In 2009 right after college I started to train at West Side Barbell, known to be the strongest gym in the world. I actually saw a guy named Tony bench 855lbs. It’s was crazy.

I couldn’t wait to ask all of the lifters at West Side what they ate to maintain their strength and to help with muscle recovery. As I asked around gym I was surprised to discover what was the most important thing that the athletes put in their bodies. It wasn’t protein shakes or creatine or even a chicken sandwich. The answer was testosterone.

At one point during my athletic career I had someone come up to me and say “If I get a guy like you on testosterone you’ll never work another day in your life (you’ll be rich playing football).” I was tempted.

I couldn’t deny the impact of steroids coupled with hard work. The results spoke for themselves but I didn’t want to bend the rules to make myself stronger. I was disappointed but I knew there was a correlation with strength and testosterone.

It was after around the time of my first RXbar and studying the work of Christopher Walker that I realized that the key to supporting a healthy body wasn’t synthetic substances injected into my body, the key was literally the food that I was eating. Seeing flaws in fad diets like Keto and Paleo and hearing the “Low T Centers” on the radio inspired me to develop the Sow Bar and the Sow’d Protocol.

Update: Thank you for everyone’s support and for the shout outs to those who have tasted the Sow Bar, the best tasting healthiest bar on the planet. The feedback is not taken lightly I appreciate it! Thanks to popular demand, in two weeks we are working with a local, bigger more efficient commercial kitchen to make a huge batch of bars. For any Central Ohio gym owner that would like access to the Sow Bar and wants to join forces in making Columbus synonymous with health, please reach out to me!

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