Diets are dead.

Diets are dead.

Diets are dead and I think there is a better alternative. 

A few years ago Chaquerra Allen Kershaw made me a confetti cake for my birthday and I ate it like I was going to the electric chair. I couldn’t stop eating it. I started to feel the cake along with all of the other tasty food that comes along with birthday celebrations. I remember thoroughly enjoying the weekend, eating everything in site and telling myself that I would “Get Right” on Monday with a version of the Keto/Paleo diet along with intermittent fasting.

I’ve learned and lived this common cycle: 

Splurge Friday to Sunday➡️Say I’m going to diet starting Monday➡️Don’t Diet➡️Repeat Cycle

A poll of 2000 participants found that the average person goes on 126 “fad” diets during their lifetime. Those diets include Keto, South Beach Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet (this one sounds terrible to me). Also, a simple Google search gives the stat that 45 million Americans go on a “diet” each year, I’m guessing many give up quickly realizing that the “diet” isn’t sustainable. 

“Diets” don’t work. Diets are overly restrictive  and we can only see what we are going to loose not what we can gain. Also, I think that “diets” are industry driven and are pushed to make as much money as possible.

Sowing is the alternative to the failed practice of “dieting”. Food is a life giving gift that is to be enjoyed and if we view wholesome food has an investment into our future instead of a punishment because of poor habits of the past I believe that our bodies, communities and future can be healthier. That is the motivation of the Sow Bar, a delicious wholesome snack, that isn’t bound by any fad diets, that even vegans can enjoy. 

In the future I will continue to Sow birthday cake into my life, in moderation.

Sow Strong.