1900 lbs of Spring Water

1900 lbs of Spring Water

This week I received a call that there was a problem with our shipment of 1900 pounds of spring water (Our spring water comes from a spring in mountains of Georgia). I was told that If I wanted the water on time, I’d have to come and pick it up myself at the shipment station. While looking at the massive amount of water and my little dolly I began to question myself. What in the world am I doing? I’m really making bars and selling water? Thankfully, I have a good job and do I really need to be doing this? There’s thousands of bars in the market and do people really care where their water comes from?

Then it occurred to me, I’m not just doing this to sell a bar, I’m doing this to fight against an industry that forces us to choose convenience over health. An industry who sacrifices taste for cheap ingredients. Unfortunately, I think this is reflective of our culture. I really want kids to understand that convenience isn’t always the right path and sometimes our path can feel like a long hard road, but this road is the way to excellence and growth. 

Simply put, other bars on the market taste terrible and are not the healthiest option for us. They’re packed with hormonal hindering ingredients and scaled to accommodate the masses. They are made with machines opposed to the people.

Last night night I felt grateful for our team and for being a part of The Junction!

Thanks to our team! Sow Strong 💪!