Rap Music and Nutrition Bars

Rap Music and Nutrition Bars

I couldn’t believe that I was hanging out with a billionaire. Jesse Itzler had just finished speaking at “The Summit of Greatness” and to my surprise we were at the same restaurant that night. Not wanting to seem like an eager fan, I slowly went over to introduce myself to Jesse and I totally interrupted the conversation that he was having and I bragged to him about my rap skills. I cringe thinking about it now!

Jesse is a former rapper who has built multiple, million dollar companies and is married to Sara Blakley, the founder of Spanx. Jesse is an advocate for health and seeing his transition from being a hip hop artist to a mega successful business leader/health advocate has supported my journey with Sow Strong Food and has also helped lead me to a conclusion about rap music. Today’s main stream rap music, for the most part, is complete garbage and it has many similarities to the current health/nutrition industry.

For years there has been something in the music industry called the “Loudness Wars” were sound engineers will compress the sound of songs to make the music sound louder in the ear of the listener (this is a direct contrast of the beauty of the peaks and troughs of classical musical). Couple this loudness with gimmicky hooks, autotune, mumbled flows and superficial watered down lyrics and you get bad music that will be popular today and forgotten tomorrow. It’s reminiscent of every fad “diet” and every gimmicky, flash in the pan workout plan and bar that is built to make money, promise a quick fix and give the people selling it a moment fame. 

Quietly, slowly and steadily Sowing Strong Seeds through better food is the alternative to the culture that is constantly offering loud, unrealistic quick fixes to our health that are not sustainable.

With all this being said I’m happy to announce the first Sow Strong Album that features me and Ben Kershaw rapping a cappella. Just joking. 

We drop the best bars on the planet and they are not watered down.

Sow Strong