This is not just a bar, it’s a new opportunity.

This is not just a bar, it’s a new opportunity.

This is not just a bar, it’s a new opportunity.

In 1964, in his autobiography, Malcolm X stated that 4 of his 6 uncles died by violence. This had such an impact on Mr. X that he stated “It has always been my belief, that I too, will die by violence.”

Unfortunately, Mr. X was right. He was shot and killed on February 21st, 1965 in front of his wife and children. Sadly, people are still dying as a result of violence.

Unhealthy behaviors continue to be celebrated in our culture like violence and habitual drug use. I was shocked to find out that the song Old Town Road was about “lean and adultery”. Yet, this song was played on major television networks and at children’s events (clearly an adult song). Unknowingly, we are celebrating behaviors that kill people. 

We have an opportunity to redefine what is cool. What if Drake made an album that was dedicated to the benefits of vitamin D intake? Maybe Netflix could produce a beautiful, entertaining series about the benefits of sexual abstinence? What if the best, brightest and most talented in our society promoted true life-giving behaviors? 

We can’t wait on “popular culture,” it’s up to us. We intentionally formulated a bar that promotes vitality and our goal is to sow life into Central Ohio.   

You can find the sow bar at five life-giving establishments in central Ohio:

11th Element CrossFit 

Hard Fount Fitness 

New Grounds Coffee House 

Legree House 

Zest Juice Co.

Sow Strong.