To create the best-tasting, healthiest bar on the planet

To create the best-tasting, healthiest bar on the planet

In high school I met my wife Chaquerra Allen Kershaw and we fell in love. We connected quickly and I think it was our love for sports and competition that made us so compatible. I remember we use to argue over who had the best abs (she would always win and still does after our 4th child she just delivered! 🤣) We both played sports in college (Go Green!) and soon after graduating we had our first precious child (Praise God!).

Through the years we have always tried to stay in top shape, always looking for convenient healthy options as our family grows. I’ll never forget the day that Chaq bought me my first RXbar. I couldn’t believe that a company was so transparent to put their ingredients on the front of the label! I was sold! That is until I saw a quote from a neuroscientist named Christopher Walker. Christopher said that low carb diets are detrimental to hormonal levels and that peanuts and almonds raise SHBG (SHBG is kind of like a car that binds testosterone). I was intrigued. RXbars are made for the low carb Paleo Diet and are also full of peanuts! I did my own research and experimentation, also learning that micro nutrient deficiencies are depleting our bodies the optimal hormonal response. Also, I liked the taste of RXbar, but I didn’t love it! RXbar was simply the only option. I knew that we could do better.

So I headed off on a long journey that was harder than I create the best-tasting, healthiest bar on the planet. As I learned from nutritionists, received feedback from my community, as well as the news (stay tuned), the vision for this project expanded into a movement. Now our goal is to make Columbus, Ohio synonymous with health.

This is our first product. The Sow Strong Bar and it’s made under the Sow(D)

Protocol Guidelines:
SOW- To plant, To invest
S- Strength. We eat for strength. Food is for our nourishment and to make us strong.
O- Optimize. The Sow Protocol calls for foods that support your body and optimizing its ability to produce hormones.
Water- Water is a blessing and a gift and it’s crucial to stay hydrated.
(D)- Vitamin D is vital to the body’s hormonal response.

Let’s go!