Self Castration is real.

Self Castration is real.

Two years ago we bought a puppy, his name is Happy and I love him. Like a responsible pet owner I took Happy to the vet. I was surprised when the veterinarian suggested that I get Happy neutered ASAP. I reluctantly asked the vet why. He said that getting Happy neutered would make him more trainable, calmer and less aggressive. I told the vet that I loved Happy’s energetic personality and I didn’t want to take that away, there was no way I was cutting off my dogs testicles. Neutering Happy seemed unhealthy.

Later I turned on the radio and heard an ad for a “Low T” center and a voice asked the question “Are you feeling tired, feeling mentally cloudy and do have low libido? Are you not the man you use to be?” This sounded exactly like what the vet wanted to do to Happy. It then occurred to me our unhealthy population in large part reflects a group of people who have the symptoms of castrated man.

The practice of castrating men is ancient. It’s been used as a form of control by ruling kingdoms in the east. However the castration many are suffering from today is more subtle. Because of the way we live and eat: sitting at a computer all day, drinking heavily and eating testosterone lowering foods, the stress that modern culture brings, this is causing us to castrate ourselves. My concern is that we are not only shells of what we once were but we are someone we were never suppose to be which is sick, fat and only half alive.

If anyone reads this I’d like to get your thoughts on the concept of Self Castration and how we can combat this epidemic.

*To help control the pet population please have your pets spade or neutered